Hello & Welcome To Hawkeye Tribe!

This is a place where men come to be supported in all aspects of their lives without fear of blame or judgment. It is a place where we, as men, hear your truth, your story. We are a group of men with a desire to take responsibility, to live authentic lives, and to be accountable to ourselves, our families, and our community.

We achieve this goal by attending a weekly circle.

You are invited to join our tribe!

Open Men’s Circles:

Attend Open Meetings.
Men only.
Free admission for guests. Each Circle will have different fee policies.

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Upcoming Events

Rhino of Balance: 19-21 October 2018

The Full Quiver Rhino

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  • Sunday Fireside: Hold Fast February 17, 2019
    Old-time sailors would sometimes get the phrase “hold fast” tattooed across their fingers. It was a reminder to stay vigilant in gripping the rigging of the ship. Without grasping the ropes firmly, a sailor could get a ship off course, or be himself swept overboard by wind and wave. In our own lives, we want […]
    Brett & Kate McKay
  • How to Make the Perfect Diner-Style Smash Burger February 15, 2019
    It’s a perennial matter of debate: which makes for a better burger — griddling or grilling? For almost my entire life, I felt sure the latter was the correct answer. There’s just something about a thick, juicy, flame-kissed burger fresh off the backyard grill. In contrast, the pan-fried burgers I grew up with at home […]
    Brett & Kate McKay

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