About Us

Hawkeye Tribe is a conglomeration of Men living in lower Vancouver Island who strive to lead through honour, integrity, and with distinction in all aspects of their lives.

The Men of Hawkeye Tribe meet one evening per week among their individual teams. There are five (5) Team within Hawkeye Tribe (see below). Meetings generally include a game and/or physical activity to start and are followed by facilitated discussions. These meetings act to serve Men by exploring values-based leadership and the masculine identity within themselves, their families, and their community.

There is no membership fee to be on Hawkeye Tribe, however, individual Teams may have quarterly dues of $20 (most do not). Guests are welcome by invitation-only. Hawkeye Tribe is an inclusive group that welcomes Men of all religious, ethnic, socio-economic, age, and professional backgrounds and identities. We welcome you to contact us directly for any questions about joining a Men’s Team.

Hawkeye Tribe’s Leadership CPR:
C – Context: With honour.
P – Purpose: To lead Tribe honourably so that all Tribe Men (past and future) have powerful circles of Men in their lives!
R – Results: 6 results (first ‘person’)

1) Tribe is a stronger presence in our community.
2) Men are winning in their lives.
3) I am always honourable.
4) Our Tribe builds powerful relations with others Tribes.
5) Men are inspired.
6) I become closer to the man that I want to be.

Support Structure:
Tribe Leader
Tribe 2nd
Enrollment Manager
Spiritual Leader
Elder Council Leader

Team Leaders:
Team Edgemen
Team Fired Up!
Team Journeymen:
Team Guardians: